I have been thinking and pondering this question about how our bodies heal themselves.

Now, have you ever had a fall where you got bruised or cut your elbow or your hand or your knee?

What happened next?

Your body healed itself, right?

Your body has this amazing ability to heal itself without the use of medication or band-aids.

There’s nothing wrong with those things, but your body doesn’t need those things to heal.

Still, sometimes your body doesn’t heal as well as it should.

For example, with problems that begin to exist for long periods of time, like we help sometimes in our office, they don’t resolve even if you get proper medical treatment.

Things like migraines and vertigo hang out for a long period of time with some of our clients before they ever come and see us.

So what happens there?

The body needs a proper functioning nervous system to heal correctly.

Over time, we start accumulating stress that affects our nervous system’s ability to function healthfully.

If you feel that you may be dealing with a problem that has not resolved and may be due to how you’re healing and you want to get that checked out, give us a call and set up a time to talk with me, because I’d love to talk to you.