Ways to stay grounded off the ground

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Dr. Chris Collins

Passport—check. Eye mask—check. Sudoku—check.

Whether you travel overseas or take day road trips, it’s common to come back from a trip with aches and kinks.

From sitting upright for hours at a time, to splurging on food that is outside your normal diet, to sleeping in a bed that’s too firm or too soft or too…not your bed, your body pays the toll.

I like to go on trips with a game plan for my body to be set up for success.

Sometimes that means packing a neck pillow.

Sometimes you need to make time for rest after walking all day.

Maybe you need routine, so you pack your own tea for a nighttime ritual.


Traveling Tips from the Team:

Dr. Collins’ hack: Movement routines and mindful moments. I like to get up and go through a morning movement routine of sun salutations, and I add in some core strengthening exercises. This helps my body feel more in tune with the constant changes from sitting all the time to walking through a city. This routine also gives me a moment to check in with myself on how I am feeling with meditative thoughts.

Karissa’s hack: I get motion sickness pretty easily, so these ginger peach Tummy Drops are a must have for me! I pop them constantly while flying with my cup of ginger ale. I swear by them on road trips (and even just driving up to Lookout or Signal Mountain).

Andrea’s hack: Whether I’m in a new place or a city I’ve visited before, I always ask locals for the best food options. I typically eat gluten free, so if there are places that offer gluten free options, I love trying them! I also splurge and enjoy some of the local favorites.

Erin’s hack: BYOP! Bringing my own pillow always makes me feel like myself. Sleep is really important to me, so I prioritize this as much as possible!

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