“I was constantly nauseous and vomiting at work, cancelling plans, and emotionally at my breaking point from the incessant pain.”


Medications, diets, and home remedies were bringing Karissa no relief when here chronic migraines became more frequent and severe. She was out of places to look for a solution until she found us at The Specific Chiropractic. Hear her story.


“Before I met Dr. Collins, I was a chiropractic scoffer.”

TMJ Pain

Hear from one of our favorite skeptic’s Travis Childers! Dr. Collins also came from a skeptical background, so naturally, he and Travis made a good team. Hear how he found help with TMJ pain and dysfunction working with Dr. Collins.


“I prefer a doctor who observes respectfully and who talks about his approach with me.”


Carroll was one of Dr. Collins’s original clients! Many of you may be like Carroll. He knew that his health was impacting more than just the way he felt — it impacted his work, his play, and his family. Carroll found a good fit with us and loved the individualized and specific care!