Breaking Old Patterns

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Dr. Chris Collins

Ever think about breaking an old “bad habit”?

Most of the time when we think about a bad habit, we think of quitting something like “stop eating so many sugars and carbs,” or “stop with the negative self talk.”

In order to establish a change in behavior, we have to replace an undesirable habit or behavior with something else – so what goes there?

Instead of the viewpoint of restricting yourself by cutting something out of your life, try reframing it so that you’re adding something of value!

Think about it – you could add healthy snacks to your grocery list and keep them at home or with you on the go, so that you spend less time and less money buying treats when you have a craving.

Instead of “watch less tv at night”, try “go for a fifteen minute walk in your neighborhood” or “journal five minutes before bed.”

“Cut out caffeine” can be a buzzkill, but “refill my favorite water bottle” is fun when it incorporates something that makes you happy.

Replacing the old with the new is all about mindset and small actions.

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