About eight years ago, I had just gotten married and my wife started having these debilitating migraines. She had actually been dealing with migraines for her entire life, and they started getting so bad. She was having them about two to three times a week.

We got some help from a chiropractor who we were sent to, but her migraines didn’t get any better – actually, they started going up in severity, and she was having to spend a whole day in a room to just ride it out. Her room would have to be pitch black. She’d have tears in her eyes.

It just broke my heart to see her go through this, and I couldn’t help her.

Shortly after they started getting worse, we finally got a referral to this upper cervical chiropractor.  Upper cervical chiropractic is a little bit different, and within the first month, she started actually going down to having one migraine a week.

By the end of six months, she was having one migraine a month. Now, she only has one or two in a year – if she has one at all.

That experience with my wife made me want to become an upper cervical chiropractor as well. And that’s why I do what I do.