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Dr. Chris Collins

Hey! Dr. Collins here. This blog is NOT about chiropractic — it’s about POSTURE.

I’ve brought in one of my favorite experts on perfect posture tips and education to solve all of your pesky posture problems.

Allow me to introduce Vita, of Posture Solutions.

Recently, Vita and I tag teamed a special workshop all about posture and specifically understanding how pain in your body can be related to problems in your posture.

You may have missed it, so we decided to create a collaborative resource blog to capture all the goodies you would have needed to know. So let’s jump in with a word from Vita!

Hi! I’m Vita, and I love helping people discover solutions to their chronic pain.

What if I told you your unresolved chronic pain is not because of genetics, age, past/ present injuries, or the activities you do?

What if it is as simple as having lost proper postural alignment?

No one wants to be in pain, and you should know, you do not have to fear pain. Pain is the body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. We have to take a look at the full blueprint of the body when evaluating the pain.

Let’s talk about something that brings a lot of people into the chiropractic office: back pain.

Back pain is a very common symptom.

There are so many reasons as to why someones back can hurt.

Take 4 people with back pain — they may have similar symptoms, but if you evaluate them according to how the human body should function, they will have different posture abnormalities.

You will realize that all three will have different hip, shoulder, and spine positions.

They will have different lifestyles too and different job environments.

No matter the differences in lifestyle, the body is designed to work as a cohesive unit.

Every muscle and joint has a specific function.

So let’s make it simple and focus on the joints!

There are four loading joints:

Shoulders, Hips, Knees, Ankles.

When it comes to posture, each joint needs to line up directly above and below.

The body weight needs to distribute evenly on all the joints. If everything is in alignment, the joints, bones and muscles can all work together in proper function.

How problems occur with postural misalignment:

When the body is out of balance due to joint misalignment, issues will occur and produce pain.

Muscles are affected by this too because they move and stabilize the joints and bones. Your muscles will learn a new pattern of movement to compensate overtime, and the joints begin to follow.

Over time, joints create extra friction due to improper movements.

This starts to degenerate the different joint positions. (that is bad)

This creates wear and tear on joints. (i.e frozen shoulders, bone on bone knees. hips/ shoulders, deg. spine)

This is where we begin to see elevated and rotated shoulders or hips.

Solutions for problems is more than symptom relief.

Focusing on just the symptomatic area will generally give short term relief.

When you begin to take a look at the whole body and figure out the root cause of the pain/symptom, you will create change that will create long term pain relief.

It’s very important to understand that the body is a whole unit. If pain is occurring in one section, the rest of the body will also be compromised.

The goal of Posture Therapy is to figure out the dysfunction, root cause, and help it eliminate the compensations, symptoms.

They cannot all be treated in a cookie cutter way. The root cause has to be found as to why the back is hurting.

The goal is not just to make it feel better, but to make the whole body as a unit move better.

Education is the key in the healing process. You have to understand why your body is struggling with chronic pain and stiffness. Once you can understand why, you no longer fear the pain, and you are able to address it quickly and effectively.

Posture Therapy gives you the tools (specific posture exercises and stretches) to start correcting your posture and eliminating your pain for good.

As a chiropractor, I too approach care by looking toward alignment of the spine and loading joints. The answer is often beyond the area of pain and lies in understanding the system as a whole.

I have found that collaborating our care with postural analysis and therapy produces significant results for our clients.

One reason we love Vita is that her process is a very individualized and relationship based therapy.

Our clients who have worked one on one with Vita are able to better understand and trust their body, identify the source of their pain, and regain control so they can live free of the pain and the beliefs associated with it.

If you feel your pain could be connected to your posture and want to talk with Vita, click the link below.


Thanks for reading the specific blog.