Ways to Destress Your Home

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Dr. Chris Collins

Instagram vs. reality is a real thing.

Your instagram life may look like this: clean kids in coordinating outfits eating a healthy meal from the local farmer’s market.

Your reality may look like this: hit the snooze too many times, rush to get the kids dressed and out the door, clock in for work, run as many errands as you can on your lunch break, something spills all over the car, more time commitments, fall asleep binging The Great British Baking Show.

First of all, you’re not alone. We all have days where we feel behind the whole day.

Second, small moments of intention can reset your entire day.

If you’ve seen the Bill Murray classic, What About Bob? You know his power mantra, “Baby steps to the elevator…baby steps onto the elevator…baby steps out the door.”

These baby steps build into greater momentum when it comes to creating a healthy balance in your life.

Here’s 5 tips to destress your home:

  1. Salt lamp — They remove potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants from the air and increase the levels of serotonin and tryptophan in the body. Both of these chemicals are associated with regulating mood. Who doesn’t want a happy boost?! That’s why we have them in our resting room.
  2. Diffuse calming oils — Lavender and Balance essential oils can help with grounding when stress levels are on the rise.
  3. Create a cozy nook — You deserve some time where no one needs anything from you. Add a warm blanket to your favorite comfy chair and light a candle for a quiet moment of reading or meditation.
  4. Plants — Purify the air and bring nature indoors, which automatically brings more peace into a space.
  5. Nighttime ritual — Calming tea or hot chocolate (or a glass of whiskey) in the evenings can be a yummy reward for your day.

Hope you enjoy these simple hacks to have a moment to yourself!

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