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Dr. Chris Collins

Have you ever been traveling and after being in a different car, on a plane, or in a different bed, you notice your body feels like a dadgum sack of potatoes?!

I have, and frankly, I get tired of it!

I follow these steps whenever I travel, so I can feel my best and get the most out of my experience.

1. BYOP: Bring Your Own Pillow

I like to bring a travel pillow with me. If you have ever seen those “dog bone” pillows in our office — those are the best. It’s very important that we support our neck on long trips. The neck leads the function and feeling for the rest of the spine. If your neck is feeling good, it’s likely that all else will follow!
Sage Sleep has a variety of high quality pillows and sleep products that we recommend for home and travel.

2. Simple Stretch and Exercise Routines

My anatomy professor used to say, “motion is lotion”. Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip, keeping the body moving and supported will help you feel flexible and strong both physically and mentally!

I cannot speak highly enough for a proper stretching routine. I like performing a series of yoga poses known as “Sun Salutations” – this is not only a great way to keep your body feeling it’s best, but it will also keep your mind sharp too!

Here’s a video of a typical Sun Salutations:

Exercise Routine:

Exercise is something that people tend to intentionally forget and forgive themselves about when they’re traveling on vacation.

I get it. No one wants to get down on a hotel floor and crank out push ups, but if you make this a priority your body will give you many thank you’s!

Bring a pair of running shoes, or try a short interval routine to do something to get the body moving.

3. Proper footwear

Airports have to consider the high foot traffic of travelers when it comes to their floors. Floors are often made from materials like Terrazzo and Quartz, which are great for durability but hard on the bones and joints of the feet and skeletons of those passing over.

This is one reason, that a few years ago as I began to travel more to conferences and for work, I noticed my feet and back were killing me after traveling.

I now have two outfits I wear based on the nature of the trip. If I have an athletic wear outfit and a dressy outfit.

I used to think Aldo shoes were so cool until I found myself rubbing holes through the soles. I upgraded to Nisolo shoes which are handmade with high quality materials that look good and feel good.

I also rely on Fast Break Athletic to keep me up to date on my Footwear. They’re locally owned. Our favorite shoes to feature right now are the “ON” shoes you may have seen many of your friends wearing.

When it comes to athletic wear, I’m a big fan of lululemon because of the functionality of their clothes when it comes to life on the go.

4. Book a Massage

Massages can help to reduce jet lag, improve your sleep, and minimize travel stress – along with those aches and pains from sitting in cars and airplane seats.

Take care of your future self by pre-booking a massage for when you get back from your trip.

If you know it will be an especially busy or stressful trip, you can book one before you leave to help keep your nervous system calm and reduce anxiety.

My go-to massage therapist is Mary Burn. She specializes in Lomi Lomi massage and focuses on aiding recovery and holistic health.

*bonus tip: As always, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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