Rituals That Change Everything

THE specific BLOG

Dr. Chris Collins

Earlier this year, I got Erin a self-care gift for Mother’s Day. 

I got her some skin care and a rosemary sage candle with a card I wrote that said, “Whenever you use this candle, use it as a ritual to remind yourself of your worth.

This is a candle to light and have your sacred time alone, like a bath or time to journal. May this facial oil remind you of your worth and value.”

A simple thing like a ritual can remind you that you are valuable, not because of something you do, but simply because of who you are.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in actions and behaviors. 

Am I doing enough? 

Am I hitting my goals? 

Am I drinking enough water? 

Do I look the way I want to look?

You look at these outer things, what you’re doing, and you translate that to your worth, but it actually doesn’t have a connection to your intrinsic worth. 

You are valuable just because of who you are. 

Creating systems of rituals are important for the busyness of life, because people get tired but systems don’t. 

You can come back to a ritual and it will anchor you to that reminder, whatever that may be. 

This week, look inward and remind yourself of your value and ask yourself what type of ritual you can add to your daily routine which will remind you of that.

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