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Dr. Chris Collins

Un-fun fact: migraines really suck, and finding a solution can suck even worse.
Anyone who has experienced a migraine, or loves someone who experiences migraines, knows this firsthand.
Let’s follow that un-fun fact up with a fun fact: I help a lot of people with migraines. Often times, I am the last place they look, but I’m the first person who can really help address the problem.  I offer a different approach, and it’s the answer for a lot of people.
Migraines are the most common neurological disorder. They affect people all around the world of all ages and from all locations. They suck because they can cause a lot of pain. In addition to physical pain, they can make it harder to go about day-to-day activities like work, studying, sleeping, or just having a good time and feeling yourself.
As a husband to a once migraine sufferer, I know personally how challenging migraines can be.  I watched my wife suffer with migraines day in and day out for years until we finally found an answer in the work I do now. No one deserves to suffer needlessly in recurring, severe pain like migraines bring. I believe everyone should have an opportunity to find a solution.
That’s why I’ve opened up my schedule to talk with people about their migraines.  All you have to do is schedule a consultation on my site. A solution may be found in our office or may be somewhere else, but you deserve to be able to talk with someone, to figure out if you can find an answer.

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