Love Local Spotlight: Fast Break Athletics

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Dr. Chris Collins

You know those times in life that bring an ear to ear grin to your face? 

I experienced two such times this past month — one while getting to know Alan Outlaw and the other out at his event/race the Chattanooga Chase.

In May we featured Fast Break Athletics for our Love Local Spotlight and you may have seen that we also ran in their race, the Chattanooga Chase, which is how Dr. Collins was introduced to Fast Break in the first place. 

Here’s why it had me smiling —

Both of these remind me of what it feels like to live in a small town. I love that about Chattanooga. Even as our city grows bigger, there are still so many ways it represents what it means to live amongst neighbors who care about each other.

You may find yourself cheering at the end of your driveways as a local runner passes by waving or sharing popsicles and hot dogs on a picnic blanket in the park. 

Here’s a little bit about the story that Alan Outlaw told at our event and here are some post-race tips from Dr. Collins after the race. 


In the 1970s the trend of jogging began to slowly spread throughout the country. This was the first time that people were running, not competitively, but for everyday health and enjoyment.  

A small club in Chattanooga began around 1970, the Chattanooga Track Club, and they needed a place in town to purchase footwear instead of having to go all the way to Atlanta or Nashville. 

Fast Break Athletics originally opened as “Athletic Attic” and was actually one of Nike’s first accounts when they were still selling sneakers out of the trunk of a car. 

Because this was a true need, Fast Break was able to truly service the running community from a grassroots standpoint. 

Current owner, Alan Outlaw, shared the advice that “it does not work without a great team or the community’s support. So what does ‘community’ mean to you? Define it. If you really understand who your community is, then you can support them and in turn they will support you.”

The Chattanooga Chase is the first and oldest foot race in Tennessee, started in 1968. Alan pointed out that the Chase was one of the first times that women were allowed to run competitively.

There are very few races that have lasted a long time. The Chattanooga Track Club holds some of the longest running races in TN and Chattanooga still hosts some of the most historic and beautiful runs in America. 

We are proud to be connected to such a rich history of community, health, fitness, and local business through Fast Break and the Chattanooga Running Club. 

You can learn even more about this history and what Fast Break has to offer by checking out their website or even better, going in to visit their new store front at 802 Hamilton Ave. Chattanooga, TN.


Everyone talks about preparing for the big race—like the Chattanooga Chase that happened this recent Memorial Day—but you don’t hear much about what comes after the race. It’s SO easy after a big race to get the runner’s hangover and fall out of rhythm.

Here’s some quick tips from Dr. Collins to help you stay on track after the race:

  • Go for an easy run a couple of days after the race with a running buddy and talk about what went well and where you want to improve. This provides some accountability and puts some goals in place. 
  •  Easiest way to stay motivated after a race—sign up for another race! Sign up for either the same race or a new one immediately once you finish one.


 If you are a runner try to visit Fast Break sooner than later. They are a great resource and we always send our clients there for the best footwear. Don’t forget to mark down the Chattanooga Chase on your calendar next Memorial Day, it’s something you won’t want to miss!

And at the very least, stop in and shop to support local and maybe meet a new neighbor!

That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading the specific blog.