Invest in Your Health With a Personal Trainer

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Dr. Chris Collins

Have you wanted to work with a trainer? I’m not a personal trainer myself, but I refer to and work with personal trainers all the time. 

As a chiropractor, I see personal training as a huge part of holistic wellness when it comes to someone’s fitness routines and goals. 

When it comes to looking for a trainer, people are often intimidated by the cost and time commitment. If you hire a trainer, you don’t necessarily need to hire them for a long period of time. Some trainers will work with you for a short period or even a specific season, maybe before spring or summer, to help you reach a certain fitness level or goal. 

A great place to start is to look back on times when you wish you would have met certain fitness goals and start researching now for who you can hire in the future. Planning ahead also allows you to save for that investment in your health.

You can also find a trainer based on the way you enjoy exercise. There are loads of options like group workouts, in a gym, running clubs, or the most common type is personalized one-on-one time working towards your personal objectives, to name a few. 

I work with a personal trainer about once or twice a year to make sure I’m maintaining a healthy lifestyle and for accountability when it comes to my own fitness goals and routines. 

Dr. Collins

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