I Hope People Forget Me

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Dr. Chris Collins

This thought dawned on me this morning as I was reflecting on a recent conversation with a client – I hope people do forget me!

Conversations in our office often start as you would imagine with people coming in with bodily complaints and different things in their health they’re suffering from.

I listen to their journey and help them make plans toward their health goals. Typically, (not always) they trust me, and work to do what I suggest to get better while coming in for appointments.

Funnily enough, it is very common that once they have started to feel better, they wonder if I’m helping at all.

This time of year, many clients are getting reevaluations in our office. We usually reevaluate when we’ve reached a certain milestone, completed an initial care plan, or we just need to evaluate progress and determine what is needed to continue to properly regulate their nervous system.

It is common at reevaluations for people to completely forget certain problems they came in with. I will review the notes and ask, “Well how about that tingling in your hands and feet?”, or “Have you still been bothered by that constant clicking?”, or “When was your last dizzy spell?”, to which they may respond something along the lines of, “What? Oh, did I put that? I guess I hadn’t thought of it!”

You may be surprised to learn, I am actually hoping for this.

It is amazing when you don’t have a second thought about being confident in your body or an aspect of your health. You just naturally go back to living the life you would like to without interference or without the same problems.

That’s because the main reason most people come in is not exactly to get rid of their pain or discomfort, but it is actually to get rid of a thing that is interfering with what they’d like to be spending their time doing.

Chiropractic care is never a “cure” in my opinion. It is a vehicle that helps remove these interferences from the body’s natural ability to function, heal, and express health.

My hope always is to help you discover how to be well and to empower you with the information you need to lead a healthy life.

If you happen to forget me in the process, no worries! I’ll just assume you’re out there doing what you love without interference!

Thanks for reading the specific blog.