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Dr. Chris Collins

I remember looking into Erin’s tear-filled eyes and feeling hopeless. This day marked three days of pain, pressure and nausea — all stemming from a migraine that just wouldn’t go away.

This is the memory I had of that time over 6 years ago when Erin was having debilitating migraines 3-5 times a week.

Erin was able to push through the discomfort during most work days, but as soon as she came home, she’d return to bed, the immense pain worsening at night.

I was a budding chiropractic student at the time with little experience but enough knowledge to know if I tried anything, it would likely make it worse.

I stood in the room with her, holding her head in my hands and did my best to alleviate the pressure in her temples. If there was a word to describe the situation and how she felt, it was “pressure.” The room itself felt tense, seeming like it would collapse us both as we waited and prayed for her migraine to lift.

We always found ourselves waiting for an answer — a reason — for why this happened and when it would pass.

It always seemed like at some point her body would just figure it out. As if things would go from blurry to clear, and everything would make sense. The only thing that helped was a chiropractic adjustment, but it never lasted more than a few days.

When we spoke with our chiropractor, we could tell he cared, but all he could do was adjust and hope for the best. The process never changed though. It was always go in, get cracked, leave. We became extremely discouraged and started looking for more answers.

In speaking with a fellow student who had migraines, he told us he recently found a doctor who specifically focused on the upper neck. He had experienced incredible results. The doctor’s name was Dr. Tony, and his practice was about 45 minutes away from where we lived.

The drive didn’t matter, we reached out and set up an appointment as soon as we could.

We were not expecting the experience that followed. From the initial phone conversation, to the initial testing, to going over the findings, to receiving care, everything was so intentional and made so much sense.

After the first month, Erin’s migraines had become more manageable, and she was 1-2 episodes per week. By 6 months, she was experiencing maybe 1 migraine once a month to every other month, and they were no longer debilitating.

Now she has 1 per year or less after being under preventative wellness care. She get’s checked monthly, but often doesn’t need to be adjusted that frequently.

Dr. Tony who practices in Taylor’s, SC became my mentor and because of our profound experience, I began studying the same methods he used to help people just like my wife.

Any one who has suffered with migraines know they don’t just suck because they’re painful, but they suck everything away from you that matters — time to be yourself, time to work, to enjoy life, to be with those you care about.

Not everyone who suffers with migraines may have the problem we are looking for, but I do hope that one day everyone who has migraines will have access to the same opportunity as Erin.

If you are reading this, and you want to talk to me about your migraines, all you have to do is send me an email. I’ll make some time to chat to help you find your next step for reclaiming your life from migraines.

Thanks for reading the specific blog.