Help Your Hormones by Changing What You Eat

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Dr. Chris Collins

Did you know that your hormones are directly related to the foods you eat? 

From adrenal fatigue, to thyroid issues, to extreme cycle symptoms for women, to afternoon crashes for men, all of these can be more regulated by eating specific foods that produce more of certain hormones.

Some doctors might prescribe you bioidentical hormone therapy, which can be helpful, but some may still worry when these are often not from natural sources. 

Our food is the most natural way to get vitamins and minerals into our bodies, which supply our body with the fuel it needs to balance the body’s hormones.

If you’ve never noticed the connection between your diet and illness symptoms, I highly recommend starting by knowing more through Haven Holistic Health. Haven Holistic Health has partnered with us to help our clients learn more about their bodies through food intolerance testing and dietary and lifestyle coaching.

Here are some tips for stabilizing your system that they recommend and which I incorporate into my own weekly routines:

  • Manage your blood sugar level by avoiding high sugar content
  • Eat an organic, real food diet, with an emphasis on whole foods high in vitamins like: beef liver, pasture-raised/non-GMO meat, raw milk, pasture-raised eggs
  • Prioritizing a regular sleep routine
  • Exercise or some type of movement every day

There is a difference between surviving and thriving and every little bit adds up to a significant difference in the way your body functions. 

Want to know more about holistic health advice for hormones? Check out this article from the Weston A. Price Foundation, Natural Support For Hormone Balancing.

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