A Simple Self Care Strategy

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Dr. Chris Collins

With preparing for the new season ahead, I know there’s a rush of uncertainty about what the next season will bring in our world.

This is a time where things may start getting confusing.

People might start saying things like, “I don’t know what to believe anymore!” This can feel overwhelming, and in light of that, we are taking on an attitude of peace, controlling what we can control, and sweeping away what we don’t need.

How are you approaching this new season? Do you need a new strategy for reflection?

Here is a strategy we used last month for our self-care month was this simple check list:


It’s easy to get caught up in the flow of things and lose track of what’s going on around us. Take some time to write down what has been working well and what hasn’t

What “cues” am I noticing help me make better choices? (Things like setting out gym clothes or a yoga mat the night before waking up early for stretches.)

What are your beliefs around the things in your life right now and are those beliefs serving you well?


What are some simple action steps you can take like looking at or using a planner more, 

Keep track of your “cue behavior”. Start practicing awareness of actions in the moment. How do you feel about them? What do I desire to do next?


Putting it all together means creating an intention each week and checking in regularly to see how you are doing.

No one is perfect so give yourself some room to practice.

Plan further and further ahead and don’t forget to reflect along the way

That should get us started. Stay tuned for more guidance this month on “controlling the controllables”.

Thanks for reading the specific blog.